BTEB Polytechnic Diploma Admissions Notification 2022

Polytechnic Diploma Admissions Notification 2022

The Online Application For Government And Private Polytechnic Admissions Will Continue till January. All Government Polytechnic Diploma Admissions Notice 2021-2022 under Bangladesh Technical Education Board.  The Polytechnic Admission Notification 2022 has been published on the technical board’s admission website Notice of polytechnic diploma admissions, the process of application is discussed in detail.

Government Polytechnic Diploma Admissions Notification 2022

In the academic year 2021-2022, students can apply on-line subject to minimum qualification for admission to 04 (four) year duration diploma-in-engineering, diploma-in-textile engineering, diploma-in-history, diploma-in-agriculture, diploma-in-fisheries, diploma-in-livestock and diploma-in-tourism and hospitality courses. Below are the important dates before discussing the details of admission.

Online application starts: 08 January 2022 Last Date of Application (Official): 17th February 2022 Results Published: 25 February 2022 Application Link:

The minimum eligibility to apply

Those who have passed SSC and equivalent in any year can apply online. From the academic year 2021-2022, there is no age limit for polytechnic diploma admissions or admission application. However, all programs will require a different qualification to apply. If you want to know the details about the minimum application qualification of each course, scroll down to the bottom of the text and read the notification well.

The application process

Prior to applying online, the student will have to pay the application fee of 150/- (one hundred fifty rupees only) through Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking (Rocket), SureCash, and BKash. A maximum of 15 institutes/technologies can be applied online.

►Step 1: To get the rocket menu, dial *322# and select Bill Pay.

Step 2: If you have your own rocket account, then if you have your own rocket account, then select others and give the mobile number.

Step 3: Select Others for Biller ID.

Step 4: Enter biller ID – 220 input.

Step 5: Enter <program code><pass’s son><board code> entry (no need to give space) in Bill No.

Step 6: Enter the SSC roll number.

Step 7: Enter taka 150 in the amount.

Step 8: Enter the PIN number of the rocket account.

Step 9: Successful SMS will be displayed when the delivery is completed. Transaction ID displayed in SMS

Save it.

In addition to rockets, you can also pay in bKash and SureCash.

(Special note: Before submitting the application fee, you must read the application guidelines carefully.) The admission board is not responsible for any of your mistakes. )

Candidate Selection Procedure

No admission test will be held in the selection of candidates. Results of SSC or equivalent examination only

Candidates will be selected on this basis.

In case of SSC passed students/students in any year, the merit order should be determined on the basis of GPA obtained with a maximum of 68-grade points on all subjects obtained GPA 5,000 (grade points in each subject of 14 subjects should be 14×5=70). But due to the omission of 2 points in the fourth subject, the maximum point is mentioned 68).

In the case of SSC passed students in 2017, the merit order is based on the GPA obtained with a maximum of 53-grade points on all the subjects obtained GPA-5. It has to be determined (the grade point in each subject of 11 subjects should be 11×5 = 55 as 55. But due to the omission of 2 points in the fourth subject, the maximum point 53 has been mentioned).

In the case of SSC passed students in 2016, the merit order has to be determined on the basis of the GPA obtained with a maximum of 48-grade points on all the subjects obtained GPA-5 (the grade point in each subject of 10 subjects should be 5 as 10×5=50). However, due to the omission of 2 points in the fourth subject, the maximum point is mentioned 48).

In this case, 68 points and 53 points will be equated with 48 points. The merit order will be determined by equaling the points of general education bard, SSC points of the open university, points of madrasa education bard, and points of technical education bard and points of ‘O’ level.

Polytechnic Diploma Admissions Notice 2022

The vocational admission notification for the years 2021-2022 has been published. You can see the information you need from the notice.

The process of filling out the application form

On-line 30 minutes after the applicant paid the application fee through Rocket, SureCash and BKash

Will start the application. Admission Website – Go to the paid program

Click on the corresponding button. After clicking, the applicant will see the web page of the respective program.

Later, the applicant clicks on the Apply Now button, and his/her SSC roll number, registration number,

The name of the board, the name of the pas,s and its mobile number will be entered and click on the ‘Next’ button the applicant.

The mobile number should be provided with caution. All subsequent contacts and necessary information are provided

Will be sent to mobile the number.

After clicking on the ‘Next’ button, the applicant will see all the information. (If the application fee

If not paid – in that case, the message will be displayed that the applicant has not paid the application fee. )

The applicant uploaded his scanned photo (format *.jpg, size 50KB and 150px x 120px)

will do. After uploading, click on the ‘Save and Next button below. If the information is saved successfully

The applicant will see a security code. The applicant must have the security code in the future.

Must be saved for use. Click on the Next button to display the Applicant’s account page.

will be. On that page, the applicant will click on the Apply Now button of his/her respective program. Then the applicant

You can see the option form of the program. In the option form, the applicant will see his/her enrollment programs in the Drop-Down menu.

When the selection criteria are displayed, the applicant is eligible for the preferred district, the institution of that district, and the institution of that institution.

Select the shift, technology and click on the ‘Add Selected Institute’ button. As

Applicants can choose a maximum of 15 companies/technologies. After selecting the choice sequence

Click on the ‘Submit’ button to complete the application in the selected program. If the application is completed successfully

The applicant will see the name of the applied program on the left side and take a print of the submitted application can Drop Down of quota selection applicants applying to government institutions (if applicable)

You can see the menu. Before applying to the program, the applicant selects his/her applicable quota and his/her specific

The program will submit. If multiple quotas apply to the same candidate – multiple quotas from the Drop-Down menu

You have to choose. The applicant will be able to view the selected organization/technology and its choice in his program the petitioner

If you want to change the preferred order of the organization/technology in its applied program and the new institution/technology

Additions and previously selected institutions/technologies can also be subtracted. The applicant is scheduled in the future

In time, the applicant can go to the applicant’s account page by entering SSC roll, board, passing year, and security code from the login option and if desired, he can go to the application program.
Changes in the choice of institutions/technologies and addition of new institutions/technologies and previously selected

The organization/technology can do the subtraction.

The same applicant is in multiple programs (e.g. Diploma in Engineering, Agriculture Technology, etc.)

If you want to apply- the applicant to complete separate payments for each program

will be. Completing the payment from applicant login option to SSC Roll, Board, Passing Year and

The application process has to be completed by entering the security code and following the previous rules.

Polytechnic Diploma Admissions Results

Once the application is completed online- The result follows the Admission Policy 2022 of the Board of Technical Education

Students will be notified of the results via SMS on their mobile phones. Moreover, the students can check their results using user ID (Applicant ID) and security code from the admission website The date of publication of the result will be notified by the Board of Technical Education through a notification.

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