List of Popular Blog Sites In Bangladesh 2022 – বাংলাদেশ এর সকল ব্লগ এর লিস্ট

Assalamu-Alaikum, currently there is no end of websites in the internet world, blogging has become very easy due to WordPress and BlogSpot and its rate is increasing. Bangladesh and not outside of it. Many people have asked for the List of Popular Blog Sites In Bangladesh, this post is mainly for them.

It is not possible to list all the Bengali blogs together, I have tried to list all the popular sites here, but if any site is left out, then in the comments, it will be added to this list with the link of the site.

What is a blog?

In the language of Wikipedia, a blog is a person-centered diary or magazine, which is an abbreviation of the language of the weblog. The person who writes a blog is called a blogger.

To put it simply, a blog is a kind of diary, as people write in a diary every day, new content is added to the blog every day.

Most blogs are written about a specific topic. A blog is a collection of text, images, other blogs, web pages, links to other websites on this topic, etc. One aspect of blogs is to allow readers to comment. So that they can express their thoughts in the comments.

Some blogs are based on different types of art (art blog), pictures (photoblog), video (video blogging), music (mp3blog) and audio (podcasting) etc. AdSense has created a way to earn money by showing ads on blogs, due to which the interest in creating blogs is increasing.

What is a blogging platform?

Any website or application that can be used to create a blog is called a blogging platform. Among some of the popular blogging platforms today, Google’s Blogger, WordPress is one of them.

What is the first blog in Bengali?

The history of Bengali blogging started in the first month of 2005. First Bengali language blog Somewhere In Blog. Which is still running.

Types of blogs:

There are different types of blogs, not only based on the type of content, but also based on the content distribution or writing method.

Personal blog

A personal blog is an online diary or opinion written by just one person rather than a group.

General blog

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Technology blog

  • Techtunes
  • Tech City
  • BanglaTech
  • Tunes71
  • Trickbd
  • TrickBlogBD
  • Blogger Bangladesh
  • iTech Buzz
  • It Nirman
  • Planet Bangla
  • Ghat IT
  • TechJano
  • Banglatech24
  • PC Builder BD
  • net talk
  • AnytechTune
  • Tech geek
  • Fbhelpbd
  • Techmaster Blog
  • Ready to Reading.com
  •  WiREBD
  • Techmaster Blog
  • Tech message bd
  • Enshamim
  • MyBD Blog
  • Hello computer

Educational blogs

  • Ten Minute School
  • from the reading table
  • Teacher Batayan
  • Kishore Batayan
  • Edu icon
  • The Daily Campus
  • education
  • Uttoron
  • the teacher

br teletalk com bd রেলওয়ে নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি ২০২২

Bengali blog on telecommunication

  • Grameenphone
  • ravi
  • Banglalink
  • Airtel
  • Skito
  • Teletalk
  • Tele Talk BD

Bangla blog on banking

  • Banking Helper
  • Banks BD
  • Banking News BD

Bengali blog on health and beauty


  • Maya
  • my tonic
  • E-hospital
  • Fairyland Parents
  • motherhood
  • Supermom Bangladesh
  • E – Bangla Health
  • dress up
  • Care
  • health
  • femina
  • water leaf

Q&A site

  • quora
  • bissoy
  • askproshno
  • Beshto
  • Enolez
  • nirbik
  • ansbangla

Bangla Forum

  •  Generation Forum

Bengali blog on literature and story poetry


  • Bengali poetry
  • Bengali poetry
  • Bani
  • story poem
  • Poetry cocktail
  • Poetry region
  • Cottage of stories and poems

Islamic Bengali blog

  • Bengali hadith
  • Monthly Alkausa Hadith
  • hadith
  • Islamic Q&A
  • Imam Batayan
  • Ahle Haqq
  • Islamic light

Bangla course (+blog) site

  • IT Bari
  • Bahubrihi
  • Web Academy
  • Creative Institute
  • Learning Bangladesh
  • repto
  • free reading
  • Kite learning
  • Ishikhan
  • Ordinary it
  • Webcoder IT
  •  Programming Hero

Bangla Freelancing Sites

  • independent work
  • Balancer
  • Delancer
  • what is work

Blog about agriculture information and services

  • Agricultural Information Service
  • Agriculture message
  • agriculture

Bengali pdf download site

  • my chest
  • Pdf bangla book download
  • Book Network
  • Bangla book
  • Islamic books

List of popular Bengali newspapers

  • Prothom-alo
  • Bangladesh every day
  • The voice of time
  • epochal
  • Ittefaq
  • our time
  • public voice
  • contemporary news
  • morning paper
  • Our new time
  • human voice
  • daily news
  • revolution
  • Bangladesh news
  • my news
  • our economy
  • human land
  • morning call
  • my message
  • morning leaf
  • new consciousness
  • Dhaka daily
  • open paper
  • public voice
  • public message
  • Hazarika every day
  • Independent Bengal
  • Morning mirror
  • light of time
  • every day



Bangla blog list popular blog sites in bangladesh
Popular Blog Sites In Bangladesh
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