iPhone Hacking News – iPhone Also Being Hacked When Its Off

Tech Talk: iPhone Hacking News – iPhone Also Being Hacked When It’s Off, The US technology giant Apple’s exclusive reign with the iPhone in the world of mobile phones from the beginning. The manufacturer is appearing on one iPhone after another. The iPhone occupies a big place in the smartphone world. The number of users on the iPhone is not less. Its users are all over the world. Meanwhile, a recent study has come up with interesting information, even when the switch is off, the iPhone malware may be attacked. Which has increased a few more on the user’s forehead.

A group of researchers at a university in Germany reported this in their report. It is known that even if the power of the iPhone device is off, it does not stop working completely. In this case, the chipset and several other hardware also continue to work.

iPhone Hacking News 11/12/13

For example, it is said that if the iPhone is lost, it is easy to find the ‘Find My Network‘ feature. Even though this feature is finished on the device’s battery, the iPhone is easily discovered and with the help of certain hardware, including the chipset to do so.

However, hackers are abusing this smart feature. Since the iPhone switch-off is not completely closed, they can easily hack it. To prove this, researchers have created malware that can continue to work actively even when the iPhone is closed.

Researchers at Germany’s ‘Technical University of Darmstadt‘ commented on this topic that Bluetooth chip used to inform the iPhone geolocation or location through the Find My Network Feature cannot sign or encrypt.

On the other hand, researchers have been able to send malware to the device by utilizing this deficit of the chip. Which allows the iPhone to track the location of the iPhone or trigger new features when the device is closed.


iPhone Hacking News
iPhone Hacking News

The risk caused by the chipset of the iPhone was also studied, which is always on and working in low-power mode. However, it is not similar to the low-power mode of the iOS system powered device, which saves your battery life.

This is a hardware-based feature, known as LPM. This feature, Near-Field Communication (NFC), Ultra-Wideband (UWD) and Bluetooth chipset allows it to work in a specific mode. Due to which the device is initially closed, it is active internally for 24 hours.

iPhone 5 iPhone Hacking News

German-based university researchers say the results of this recent study were sent to Apple. But they did not get any response from the tech giant. And so, researchers decided to universe the results of their research. As a result, researchers expect Apple to search for their iPhone possible problems and find solutions to the problem.

On the other hand, The big surprise is the iPhone 5 camera. There may be multiple changes in the iPhone 5. Especially a lot is changing on camera. As a result, the market can increase a lot.

Almost every version of the iPhone has some new surprises. So buyers are waiting for the new phone before coming to the market. This time it is heard that the next version is about to change the iPhone 5. The front of the phone will change-the camera-the camera.

iPhone Hacking News 2022

Apple has given this camera to a Chinese company so long. According to sources, this time they are about to form an alliance with a company called ‘LG Innotek‘ as ​​they are not satisfied with the quality of the camera. Basically the camera lens is about to change. However, the cost of improving the camera will also increase. The price of the new camera is about three times higher, said a section of technicians.

In all, 5 models of the iPhone 5 class can come to the market. It is heard that four versions may have ‘autofocus’ capabilities. Besides, many people also say that the camera will have ‘F/1.5 wide aperture’ to make the picture more bright. The production of cameras has already begun.

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