12 Educational Website And Exciting Websites That Will Make Your Time On The Internet More Enjoyable!

How are you all? I hope that by the grace of Almighty Allah, Alhamdulillah, you are very well. This post is going to be a little different. Let me say at the beginning that the post can be very long. This post is for those who are bored of scrolling through social media. Here are some educational website from which you can learn a lot of things that you don’t usually get on social media. Again, there are some interesting websites that will make you think that there are even weird websites in the world!

Anyway, without further ado let’s get started with today’s post. Let’s get started. One more thing. I will not provide any website images in this post. I want you to enter each website and explore by yourselves. You will like it. Let’s begin.

12) Website Name : Staggering Beauty

Site link : http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/

This is a really fun website. A really fun website to have fun with your friends. As soon as you open the website, you will see a strange tall animal 😆😆 which you can see by tapping or flicking your finger.

Note: Many people may be scared when they suddenly see something like this. So use it at your own risk.

Now how to have fun with it?

If you have someone with you, open this website in his hand and tell him to move the cartoon a little and turn the volume of the mobile to max (earphone is better). You don’t have to do anything else. The rest will be fun. Also send the link to a friend and ask them to shake the character by hand. Then don’t blame me if they get scared and block you.

May not work for everyone. But people of a slightly timid type may have problems. I joked about it with some of my friends. You can do it if you want. But if there is any problem, I will not take the responsibility

11) Website Name: The Museum Of Endangered Sounds

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Site Link: http://savethesounds.info

This is a website that will remind you of the nineties. If you too were born in the 90’s, you might want to go back to those old days. When there was no touch of modernity with such smartphones, modern computers, laptops, smart TVs. Everything was normal. When people connected with each other from a distance and formed real bonds with each other.

About the time when people did not harbour so much complexity in their lives. When everything from TV to camera was black and white. Telephones, Nokia button games, typewriters, black-and-white televisions, video games that look like small mobile phones, cassettes, Pac-Man games, black-and-white cameras, etc. may be familiar to you.

Although those words are no longer heard. But if you want to make your memories nostalgic by hearing those words again, then this website is for you. Here you can hear the sounds of many things from the nineties.

For example: cameras, televisions, games, computers, typewriters, telephones, Nokia phones, gameboys, cassettes, CDs, etc. You can listen to the sound of each thing together and if you don’t want to, you can listen to the sound of each one by one.

This website is enough to make you nostalgic. Hope you like it. Please let me know if you like it.

10) Website Name : MusicWiki

Site link: https://musclewiki.com

This site may be of use to a variety of people. For example: those who do or want to start bodybuilding or those who are science students and those who study or want to know about the human body or those who want to get an idea or learn about the different parts of the human body.

After visiting this website you will see a sketch art picture to give an idea about the body muscles of a man or woman. Tapping on any muscle in that drawing will give you all the details you need or need to know about that muscle.

It is mainly made for those who exercise or do physical exercises. So if you are exercising, you should visit this website at least once to get an idea about the muscles of your body and their functions. And for those who want to do bodybuilding, I will say MUST watch.

09) Website Name: Weird or confusing

Website Link: https://weirdorconfusing.com/

This is a fun website. This website is also very interesting. You will understand why as soon as you visit. As soon as you enter the website, you will see “Sell Me Something Weird Or Confusing” written in big letters and “Please” written in bigger letters below.

As soon as you click on Please, you will be taken to Ebay’s website. There you will see a weird or confusing product. Every time you click on Please you will get something weird or confusing like this.

Many people like this type of website. Thinking about them, I have put this website on the list. I gave such a website in one of the previous posts. But its work was different from that. Let me know how you like the website.

08) Website Name : Interface Lift

Website Link: https://interfacelift.com

In this website, you will find Wallpaper, Themes, Icons, etc. I will suggest this website for those who are looking for a good wallpaper website for computers/laptops.

On this website you will find many good icons and themes that you can use for your various tasks. There are icons and wallpapers of different pixels/resolution. You will get full details of the wallpapers including which camera, camera resolution, photo settings.

If you want, you can download your desired wallpaper for your Android, Iphone, Windows, Mac devices in the resolution you want.

Here the screen size of Mobile device, Tab, iPhone, iPad, blackberry, dual monitor, full screen, windows phone, widescreen, monitor, tv screen, portrait orientation, google android, 4K HD TV, Microsoft surface, amazon kindle etc. You can download each wallpaper according to the resolution.

Here, screen size and resolution options are given separately with all wallpapers. You can download any one you want.

To be honest I was looking for such a website for a long time. And I know someone like me must be searching for such a website. It is for them that I put this website in the list of this post. Please let me know if you like it or find it useful.

07) Website Name : Instructables

Site Link: https://www.instructables.com

This is a real working and educational website. What do you love to learn? Or do you love to try something new every day? But this website is for you. Let’s talk about the subjects you will get tutorials on this website first.

There is a proverb in Bengali, there is no age to learn. No matter what age you are, you don’t know everything. There are many things you don’t know.

You have to accept it. Because no person in the world can gain knowledge about everything. So don’t sit there thinking about it. You will learn a lot. No matter what age you are. Because there is no age to learn.

06) Website Name: The Oatmeal

website link : https://theoatmeal.com/

Do you love to read comics? But this website is for you. You can read various comics through this website. You will also find games here.

You will find many interesting comics on this website. Those who love to read Memes Related Comics must check out this website as you will find many good comics here which I think you must see.

05) Website Name : Auto Draw

Site Link : https://www.autodraw.com/

This website is made for those who want to practise drawing. It is perfect for kids though. If you draw something (an object like a mobile) on this website, the website will automatically guess what you want to draw.

You can teach drawing to kids with the help of this website. There are options for both Drawing and Typing. You will also get some tools. For example: Fill, Shape, Select etc.

04) Website Name : Quick Draw With Google

Site Link : https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/

This is a great website to practice drawing. You have to draw within 20 seconds on a specific subject that this website tells you. For example, I am asked to draw a star. If I can draw the Star in 20 seconds it will take me to the next level to tackle a new subject. The website will automatically guess what you are drawing.

You will have a lot of fun drawing by yourself. I like it very much myself. If you don’t like it, you can give the website to a small child to practice drawing. This will increase the child’s skill. Many of the websites that I recommend for children may say that they will have fun running these websites on a small mobile phone.

I will tell them that now most of the kids are bought by their parents because the kids can learn a lot of things and the kids have fun playing the tab. And the big screen is better for children than the small screen (as if I read somewhere, scientists have proven this). That’s why I said that no one can ask questions again. Hope the matter is cleared.

03) Website Name : Pixel Thoughts

Site Link: https://www.pixelthoughts.co

Well, is something (thought) bothering you so much? Or are you struggling with a specific issue that you want to get rid of? But this website is for you. When you enter this website you will be given a box to type. Write the name of the subject or the topic that is bothering you deeply or is giving you a bad night’s sleep.

Then when you press enter (whatever your mobile or computer) then this website will give you the solution of how to remove that thought or you can get out of that thought. Maybe I didn’t understand it well. But you can write your thoughts on the website yourself. This website is mainly created to help in meditation. I hope it will help a little. Please let me know if you like it.

02) Website Name : This Is My Site Now

Site Link : http://thisismywebsitenow.com/

This website is designed for playing games. I think this will be an ideal site for those who are looking for good games to pass the boring time but don’t want to go through the trouble of installing or who are data users and don’t want to waste MB. Because here you are getting a total of 13 games which are enough to give your boring time some fun.


Here are the detailed descriptions of the games available here.

1) Dodgers:

To play this game, your phone should enable Auto Rotate Option and go to Landscape Mode. Then you will have various obstacles in front of you which you have to avoid. A very fun game. Addictive and there are many.

2) Maze Mine :

The control and concept of this game is a little different. Which makes this game very addictive. The controls of this game are two. One is to move forward which you can control by tapping and holding on your screen.

The second is to move in different directions. For this you need to swipe. In this way you have to move in different directions to avoid different obstacles and go to the next level. A very fun game.

3) Defend

This game gives the feel of the Space Impact game of Nokia button mobile. You have to defend yourself by firing your enemy. Those who have played space impact game on Nokia button phones will understand the fun of this game.

4) Fast Tap

As the name suggests, the faster you tap the screen, the more points you can collect. It can also improve your typing skills.

5) Bipolar baguette

It works much like Fortune Cookie. Every time you tap on the screen it will tell you a beautiful quote or something motivational.

6) Non-Magical Nine Ball

You shake your device asking a question and through this game you will randomly get Yes or No to your question. You can have fun with friends.

7) Decision maker

It is similar to the previous game. Here you will click on Make my decision with any decision. Then you will randomly answer yes or no.

8) Random Tap

It is also similar to Fast Tap. But here you will be given boxes on different sides of the screen to tap. The faster you tap, the higher the score. Many people can increase their concentration by playing games.

9) Increase Cuteness

Here are cute pictures of different animals. Every time you click on More cuteness, you will get a photo full of cuteness of an animal.

10) Strobe Light

With this game you can blink your screen as fast or slow as you want in black and white.

11) Time guesser

This is a fun game. You tap and hold the screen and the first 2-3 seconds will show how many seconds or minutes have passed. The timer will then disappear. You then have to guess how long you hold it on the screen.

Release tapping to show how long you held. You can use it to make your decision or to toss something somewhere.

12) Evil Squares

First of all, you need to add this website to the home screen by clicking Add To Home screen. Then enter it by clicking on the icon you find on the home screen. And you will get 8 more games to play.😁

Here are 8 more fun games like Nokia’s snake game.

13) Space Battle

This is a space game. Here you will also find a space horror soundtrack. I also like this game a lot. Hope the website will help you pass your boring time at least a little bit.

01) Site Name : Si.edu

Site Link : https://www.si.edu/

Education has no age. Not everyone realises the vast world of education that exists across the globe beyond textbook education. Maybe many people understand that due to laziness or busyness, knowledge or education in various subjects does not become any.

The amount of knowledge that exists in the world, no man can acquire in his lifetime. Because no one will be able to acquire all the knowledge, new and old, all over the world. This world of education is so huge. No matter how wise you are, you must be lacking in learning. You have to accept it.

Why are you saying these words? These words have little to do with this website. This is related to the fact that this website is an educational website.

And the reason for saying these words is that many people continue to excuse themselves day after day saying that they will learn tomorrow. It only harms you. You stay stupid.

Your talent doesn’t develop anymore. You lag behind others and blame your luck that I am not successful because of my bad luck. But you can get a touch of success only if you overcome your laziness and try to acquire knowledge and acquire skill.

Isn’t that normal? Well, I gave a lot. Now let’s talk about the website. This website is an educational website. Here you will find a lot of articles on the latest and old topics from all over the world.

Category related articles you want to give your brain the knowledge of the category you will find here. For example: I like Science & Nature. Here you will find many articles about Science & Nature from where you can learn about many things.

Also, there are various types of articles on various topics. I would recommend this website to anyone who wants to develop their skills.

So these were our 12 websites. Please let me know if you like the post. And if you don’t like what I always say – ignore it. If you have any suggestions for the next post, please do so. As of today, I am leaving here. Inshallah, see you in the next post.

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